Yogurt with strawberry compote in glass

Looking for a brighter red at lower cost?

Fragaria: Unique Natural Carmine Color

Market challenge

The fruit preparation industry is in constant need for more robust and high-performing color solutions.

Chr. Hansen's solution

Red Strawberry Fragaria, containing 15% carmine acid, has been developed for fermented milks and fruit preparations for fermented milk, primarily. It gives manufacturers the opportunity to make visually appealing colored yogurt or fruit preparations while lowering the color dosage and thereby improving cost-in-use. The solution that challenges standard carmine provides enhanced color consistency, due to its exceptional processing stability. The product offers an attractive pink-red shade, excellent stability throughout shelf-life, and superior process-stability qualities that enable a decrease of the pigment concentration by 10 to 20% compared to standard carmine products.

Benefits in Red Strawberry Fragaria:

Red Strawberry Fragaria is able to endure the processing treatment of fruit preparations while maintaining excellent fruit-staining abilities and coloring ability throughout the shelf-life. The outstanding process stability also means minimized color variations from batch to batch at the fruit preparation production facility and in the final yogurt. In addition, the new natural color is user-friendly as it can be added directly to the food product during stirring.

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