White makes bright

Alternatives to titanium dioxide

Market challenge

Global variations in regulation and consumers’ increased demand for clean and safe products drive ingredient choices. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) has been a focus for several years, as especially French authorities have been investigating the possible negative health effects of nano-particles in food products.
From January 2020, TiO2 will be banned in France, which is supported by many European consumer organizations. But there is still a need for a whitening agent throughout the food industry. 

Chr. Hansen solution

TiO2 is still widely used in confectionery, and especially in panned products. If you’re looking for an alternative to titanium dioxide, Chr. Hansen offers several products with whitening effect, either as a color or as a food ingredient. We can help you transition to a nano-particle free, consumer-preferred solution. 


The benefits

  • Nano-particle free whiteners
  • Suitable for use both as undercoat and as final white product
  • Good coverage on panned products
  • Easy pre-dispersion in panning syrup
  • Selected solutions also suitable for hard candy and icing
  • Excellent heat and light stability

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