Pink foam candy

Want your pink marshmallows to stay pink?

Use FRUITMAX® Red beet 322 WS

Market challenge

There is an increasing awareness and demand from consumers for clean and easy-to-understand ingredients in their food products. In addition, there is also a demand for food products to be appealing and with a certain shelf life. For many candy manufactures, the challenge is to achieve a long-lasting pink shade in aerated neutral pH products like marshmallow and foam without using carmine or artificial red colors. Red beet based formulations have been the only natural alternative, but often with limited color stability.

Chr. Hansen solution

Chr. Hansen has developed FRUITMAX® Redbeet 322 WS to help candy manufacturers overcome this challenge. FRUITMAX® Red beet 322 WS is a vegetable-based coloring foodstuff from red beet with a longer-lasting bright pink shade in aerated candy like foam and marshmallow.

The benefits

  • Improved color stability in aerated candy products compared to standard red beet products
  • Pink shade at neutral pH
  • Clean label alternative to carmine and artificial synthetic red colors
  • Cost-competitive alternative to e.g. carmine
  • Vegetarian and preservative-free

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