Confectionery in various blue and green colors

Sweet blue possibilities with Spirulina

Market challenge

A natural blue color or coloring foodstuff has in many regions been missing in the color palette, leaving the candy manufactures only with synthetic blue possibilities such as Brilliant Blue, Patent Blue and others. The few anthocyanin based natural blue solutions have only been applicable in a very narrow field of candy products, such as hard panned products.

With Spirulina approved in e.g. Europe and North America, it creates many new possibilities for natural blue confections.

Chr. Hansen solution

Chr. Hansen has a range of spirulina based formulations targeted various confectionery applications in order to achieve bright blue shades in the candy. Spirulina is also excellent in blends for e.g. green and purple shade.

The benefits of Spirulina

  • Bright blue shade in most confectionery products
  • Concentrated product formulations  to reduce dosage
  • Powders and liquid formulation
  • Possibilities of e.g. greenpurple and brown blends
  • Approved in North America (Color: Spirulina) and EU (Spirulina Concentrate)

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