Pink and red dragees

Intensify your red and pink dragees

Unique vegetable based solutions - even for neutral pH panning

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Market challenge

There is an increasing awareness and request from consumers for natural and easy-to-understand ingredients in their food products.  At the same time, there is also a demand for food products to be appealing and tasty. 

Red and pink colored sweets are often consumer favorites. For candy manufactures carmine and anthocyanin-based colors have often been the solution instead of synthetics. To expand our offering beyond carmine and anthocyanins, we have developed new color additive solutions to meet the demand for intense red and pink shades.

Chr. Hansen’s new SWEETCOLOR® Pink 1144 WSP and SWEETCOLOR® Red 1344 WSP provide easy to use solutions that retain their intense color properties, even for neutral pH panning, thereby easing the panning process for confectionary manufacturers, as well as providing a vegetable-based colorant that meets consumer demands for vegetarian, kosher and halal products

Chr. Hansen solution

Chr. Hansen has developed SWEETCOLOR® Pink 1144 WSP and SWEETCOLOR® Red 1344 WSP which are vegetable based colors suitable for even neutral pH candy applications like dragees and foam.

The benefits

  • Intense and bright pink and red shades – even in low pH candy
  • Vegetable based
  • Natural alternative to, for example, carmine and artificial or synthetic red and pink colors 
  • Cost competitive compared to carmine and other fruit and vegetable based solutions
  • Vegetarian, kosher, halal and preservative-free


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