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Need natural colors for savory season mixes or slurries?

The widest range of oil soluble natural colors

The savory snacks category is expected to continue its impressive growth trajectory. (Savory packaged food is up 23% from 2011-2016. Source: © Euromonitor International) It’s a direct reflection of the Millennial Generation’s coming of age and using their purchasing power to support their new eating habits. They snack – 25% of them snack up to 4 times per day1 – and are driving innovation towards adventurous flavors, healthier options, and on-the-go pack sizes.

Our wide range of naturally sourced oil soluble colors helps you meet this demand for both bright innovative colors and natural ingredients for your seasoning mixes or slurries. All colors are based on natural sources such as vegetable and plants. We have a long history assisting manufacturers in their color ingredient conversion strategy from artificial to natural.

For the new oil soluble products, we focus on:

  • Bright visual appeal (topical seasoned or oil application)
  • Excellent plating (powder mixes)
  • Easy to blend into additional shades
  • Minimal settling of the bulk product 
  • Ambient temperature storage with a good shelf life
  • Cost efficient
  • Neutral flavor
  • Heat and oxidation stability
  • Non GMO, certified Halal and Kosher

Our color range for season mixes and oil slurries includes products in these shades: cold yellow, warm yellow, orange, pink and warm pink. They can be blended further to achieve shade variations such as red or green.

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