Differently flavoured stuffed confectionery

Color your white compound to match your flavor profile

The widest range of oil soluble natural colors

Consumers are developing a more holistic approach to health which embraces the idea that eating well includes occasional indulgences. For confectionery manufacturers, seasonal launches and healthy innovation is well-rewarded. Naturally sourced colors can, for example, color your blueberry compound covered almonds or turn your pumpkin orange. Both can have a more natural ingredient label. Not surprisingly, 44% of consumers rate the absence of artificial colors to be very important in their choice of a snack.* 

Chr. Hansen has been a long time partner of confectionery manufacturers, many of whom are dedicated to removing artificial colors from their products.  We now offer the widest range of oil soluble colors from natural sources to support your flavor profile with an appropriate color or simply match to your color preference.

The wide range of bright colors is based on natural sources such as vegetables and plants. Each has their own inherent composition, giving advantages and limitations for coloring effect and stability, depending on final application use. That’s why a broad product portfolio is important. For the new oil soluble products, we focus on:

  • Ease of use
  • Easily dispersible in your application
  • Easy to blend into additional shades
  • Minimal settling of the bulk product
  • Ambient temperature storage with a good shelf life
  • Cost efficient
  • No or low migration
  • No or limited off taste
  • Light stable
    Non GMO, certified Halal and Kosher

Our range for yogurt and fat compounds includes products in these shades: cold yellow, warm yellow, orange, pink, blue, green and brown. They can be blended further to achieve shades like purple, red, etc.

Read our article for more information about working with naturally sourced oil soluble colors.

*Snack Attack, 2014, The Nielsen Company(http://www.nielsen.com/content/dam/nielsenglobal/kr/docs/global-report/2014/Nielsen Global Snacking Report September 2014.pdf)

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