Closely stacked ice cream popsicles in various colors and flavours

Color your ice cream coatings with our coloring foodstuff solutions

How to address your clean label challenges!


Today, it is important for consumers that the brands and manufacturers are transparent about what ingredients can be found in their food. As a consequence, the clean label trend is not anymore a new trend but it has become main stream as mentioned by Jerome Raudin; Senior Global Marketing Manager at Chr. Hansen. At the same time, it has been proven that innovative flavors are a key driver to enhance sales and combining both requirements has become a prerequisite for ice cream manufacturers.

Chr. Hansen solutions

Chr. Hansen has developed a new range of oil soluble coloring foodstuffs to complete the already existing impressive range of colors from natural sources. The new products are based on vegetables and plants extracts and are fully compliant with European Union guidance notes on the classification of food extracts with coloring properties. We have targeted our development to ensure high performance in the fat application, cost efficiency and to provide a full range of shades to match the flavor profile of the product.


  • Labeling free of E numbers
  • Bright shade with even coloration of the compound
  • Fast and easy dispersion in your application
  • Easy to blend into additional shades
  • Minimal settling of the bulk product
  • Ambient storage with long shelf life
  • Neutral flavor
  • Non migrating; suitable for bi-layered fat based products

Our coloring foodstuff oil soluble range for ice cream fat-based coatings includes products in these shades: pink, warm pink, blue, brown and yellow . They can be blended further to achieve shades like green, purple, orange and red...

In addition, we have also updated our range of oil soluble natural colors with non-Cu chlorophyll green and non-caramel brown.

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