Closely stacked ice cream popsicles in various colors and flavours

Color your ice cream coatings

The widest range of oil soluble natural colors

“Consumers want more natural products and less artificial additives. Pressure from consumers about the use of synthetic or artificial ingredients will continue to push brands to move towards more natural ingredients.”1 Manufacturers need to take into account this major trend while using innovative flavors that are proving to be key drivers to enhance sales. Our many options of naturally sourced colors for ice cream coating can support both requirements. Chr. Hansen has been a long time partner of ice cream manufacturers and offers the widest range of oil soluble colors from natural sources for ice cream coating applications.

The wide range of bright colors is based on natural sources such as vegetable, plants and extracts. Each has their own inherent composition, giving advantages and limitations for coloring effect and stability, depending on final application use. That’s why a broad product portfolio is important. 


For the new oil soluble products, we focus on:

  • Bright shade with even coloration of the compound
  • Fast and easy dispersion in your application
  • Easy to blend into additional shades
  • Minimal settling of the bulk product
  • Ambient temperature storage with a good shelf life
  • Cost efficient
  • No or low migration
  • Neutral flavor
  • Light stable
  • Non GMO, certified Halal and Kosher

Our range for ice cream coatings includes products in these shades: cold yellow, warm yellow, orange, pink, warm pink, blue, green and brown. They can be blended further to achieve shades like purple, red, etc.

1 Mintel – Patent perspectives, Natural Ingredients for clean label, June 2016


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