Red beverages

Special applications

Learn about our expertise in applications for special beverages.

Is your matrix too aggressive for natural colors? Just let us know and we will tame it for you.

Energy drinks, vitamin waters and a high vitamin-C content, sports drinks, alcoholic beverages and highly mineralized matrices may fade natural colors, harming the product’s market appeal.
We have highly stable solutions for transparent and cloudy applications for whatever you need. The CAPCOLORS® line can provide a higher stability even when the mineralized basis forces a pale shade. 

Our COLORFRUIT® line contains specific colors that can provide the transparent and stable appearance you want, even for a matrix containing taurine, caffeine or alcohol.

Why Chr. Hansen solutions? 

  • Higher stability for cloudy applications through the CAPCOLORS® line
  • Stability in transparent packaging maintaining your product’s appeal
  • Compelling set of transparent natural color solutions through the COLORFRUIT® line

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