3 glasses of orange juice

Juice applications

Learn about our various applications for juice.

One of the most natural applications in the market is currently looking for equally natural solutions

Juices normally display an appealing, rich application that represents the tasty fruit extraction it is made from. In natural colors this cloudiness can present difficulties such as bottle-neck ring, color shifting and fading. Chr. Hansen’s range of solutions has an answer for each of these hurdles.

Stable emulsions, vegetable extracts and concentrates, water soluble solutions are but some of the tools in Chr. Hansen’s kit to aid you in your quest for market success.

Why Chr. Hansen solutions? 

  • Unrivaled pallet of shades providing a vivid and appealing visual experience
  • Thoroughly tested range under different light and temperature conditions
  • Long experience working with juice compounds
  • Versatile solution applicable into different juice-containing concepts
  • Wide range of vegetable extracts authorized under the different regulatory frameworks (USA, EU, China and Codex)

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