Tall flasks with beverages

Flavored waters

Learn about our expertise in flavored waters.

Refreshing and appealing, but can its colors stand the shelf-life with a low color dosage?

Today’s customer is looking for naturalness and hydration. Transparent and pale shades might be at risk when exposed to light for long periods given its coloration dosage. This constraint can reduce the product’s appeal in the eyes of your customer.

Higher stability and color strength are a fundamental part of the beverage application range protecting your brand and your product’s appeal. Chr. Hansen has set new benchmarks in formulation technology and through our encapsulation expertise.

Why Chr. Hansen solutions?

  • Large set of transparent solutions through the COLORFRUIT® line
  • Higher stability in red and violet with the ULTRA STABLE RED™ line. Robust at lower dosages.
  • Superior performance using the latest emulsification and encapsulation technologies
  • Regulatory approval in different regions such as USA, China, EU and Codex.

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