Red, orange and yellow beverages

Cordial sirups

Translating the intense shades from your bottle to your customer’s glass, we know how…

Cordial matrices are tricky for the natural solutions your customers expect. Highly flavored matrices, Brix levels and dosage are common hurdles for natural colors. We’ll gladly help you assure the beautiful appearance of your cordial from bottle to glass.

Our COLORFRUIT®, VEGEX® and CAPCOLORS® lines provide a complete set of transparent solutions assuring stability throughout the consumption process. These natural color solutions are based on anthocyanin, natural carotene, beta carotene, lutein, chlorophylls, among others. Chr. Hansen’s FRUITMAX® line can also provide vegetable extracts suitable for the challenge.

Why Chr. Hansen solutions? 

  • Compelling set of transparent, natural color solutions through the COLORFRUIT® line
  • Bringing all needed fruity and juicy aspects with VEGEX® and CAPCOLORS® lines, while mastering technical challenges
  • Large and successful experience in cordial applications

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