Juices with straws


A rich and appealing appearance captures the eyes of your customers, let’s work together and do that.

Market challenge

Refreshing, natural and tasty are some of the characteristics most appreciated by your customers. Unfortunately, this richness builds on a natural color emulsion that risks causing neck ring, creaming and other undesirable effects.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

To provide an appealing, cloudy appearance, Chr. Hansen offers a set of beverage solutions from the VEGEX® line, providing a rich and tasty appearance during along the product’s shelf-life. The product line includes beta carotene, lutein, natural carotene and carmine, among others tested in a cloudy application to provide an appealing appearance.

Our cloudy solutions are your best choice for all fruity and juicy formulation concepts.

Why Chr. Hansen solutions?

  • Robust solution for cloudy applications
  • Wide range of pigments to cover the different solutions
  • Authorized under the different regulatory frameworks

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