Glasses with red beverages


Problem with natural red shades fading? Try ULTRA STABLE RED™.

Market challenge

Beverage producers are struggling with the problem of fading natural colors in their products. Due to stability limitations of the colors used in the products, many beverages start to lose their visual appeal while they are for sale in the supermarket, especially if they are exposed to bright light while on display.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

Chr. Hansen has a range of beautifully bright and intense, vegetable-based colors with outstanding stability. Our ‘ULTRA STABLE RED™’ solutions are based on new and unique anthocyanin blends combining stabilizing technology. The solutions are ideal for coloring a wide range of beverage applications including carbonated soft drinks, juice-based drinks, sports and energy drinks, and vitamin waters.

The benefits of ULTRA STABLE RED™

  • Improved shelf-life of beverage products due to 30–40% better stability compared to standard anthocyanins
  • Less scrapping due to faded colors in supermarkets
  • Reduced expenses for bottles with UV filters
  • Bright red shade to replace Red40

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