Glasses of orange & peach juice

Preservative-free options

If your market is asking you for preservative-free products, don’t let this be an obstacle.

Market challenge 

In some countries, customers and market channels are asking for preservative-free solutions. In this case, all elements in the value chain must comply while ensuring food safety and supply-chain reliability. 

Chr. Hansen’s solution 

Our beverage range offers an extensive set of preservative-free solutions under the COLORFRUIT®, VEGEX®, I-COLORS® and FRUITMAX® brands. These combine technical expertise, a wide range of pigments and, naturally, a complete spectrum of beautiful shades. 

Why Chr. Hansen solutions? 

  • Wide range of solutions for different final applications for the beverage market.
  • Beautiful range of shades making your brands attractive to the keen eye of your demanding customers.
  • Available in liquid and powder form as needed.
  • Safe and robust products.