Colored beverages poured into glasses

I-COLORS® for beverages

Is the color dephasing in your powder drink troubling you? I-COLORS® is your best solution.

Market challenge 

Some natural color powders do not mix correctly in powder drinks making the final application less appealing to the eyes of the customer. Some solutions take too long to dissolve in water making the experience less enjoyable for your customers. 

Chr. Hansen’s solution 

Chr. Hansen’s long experience of as a leading supplier in the powder drinks segment involved valuable lessons that ultimately lead to the creation of I-COLORS®, a product line designed to color a powder while avoiding undesirable side effects in the final application.


  • It is easy to dissolve by consumers when using
  • It plates correctly, coloring in the base nicely
  • It will not dephase, protecting your brand from bad customer experiences
  • Developed for overcoming general processing issues.

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