FruitMax® Cedra 502 WS  - pineapple juice

FRUITMAX® Cedra 502 WS

Afraid to lose customers to label misunderstanding? A new minimally processed, bright yellow ingredient might be just the solution for you.

FRUITMAX® Cedra 502 WS is a fully natural solution for your clean label dilemma which is as simple and as easy to read as “orange carrot concentrate”

Market challenge

As consumers become increasingly conscious about their diet and  what they eat the demand for transparent labeling rises. Traditional labels may cause misunderstandings or concerns, which in worst case can lead to consumers discarding a brand 

Chr. Hansen solution

FRUITMAX® Cedra 502 WS is a minimally processed ingredient designed to provide an appealing shade while keeping a robust stability for your final beverage application.

The benefits of FRUITMAX® Cedra 502

  • Affordable cost in use compared to foodstuffs market standards
  • Bright yellow shade appropriate for juice containing drinks and yellow fruit shades
  • Applicable as coloring foodstuffs under the EU guidelines
  • Robust stability to light, neck ring and sedimentation

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