Juices colored with fruit and vegetables

Coloring foodstuffs solutions

Are your customers reading your labels and not understanding what you add?

Market challenge 

Stories in the press and online, have led customers to read more labels and ingredient declarations. Misperceptions and misguidances may influence their decisions, jeopardizing your sales. 

Chr. Hansen’s solution 

The brand FRUITMAX® offers you technically and regulatory proven solutions, allowing you to have a more familiar-sounding declaration and providing comfort to your customer.
The FRUITMAX® line provides a complete spectrum of beautifully appealing shades fully applicable to your beverage line.


  • Our line of fruit & vegetable concentrates ensures conformity with your applications’ nutritional and aromatic aspects.
  • Appealing rainbow of shades to maintain your products’ standards and appeal.
  • Tested stability in different beverage applications to ensure its performance during the application’s shelf-line.

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