Yellow beverage

COLORFRUIT® Yellow 003/403 WSS

High strength, versatile and robust transparent yellow emulsions

Market Challenge

Transparency is a basic requirement in certain applications, but some natural yellow colors fade or shift after light exposure and as a result look less transparent, losing their brightness. Transparent beverages need to look natural while remaining bright and crystal clear.

Chr. Hansen’ solution

After years of research and testing in applications, Chr. Hansen offers a versatile and robust transparent yellow color solution as part of the COLORFRUIT® product range to specifically address the challenges of the beverage industry.

Why Chr. Hansen's solution?

Excellent performing high strength emulsified Natural Beta Carotene and Nature Identical Beta Carotene, offering an attractive shade pallet in various applications.

The colors are preservative free (Sorbate & Benzoate free) and stable towards heat treatment, homogenization and light exposure. Our solution does not create neck rings. It has a natural sensory evaluation and an attractive and competitive cost-in-use.

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