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Bright and transparent solutions are a basic requirement of the industry.

Market challenge

Transparency is a basic requirement in certain applications such as carbonated soft drinks, flavor waters, cordials and others; some natural colors fade or shift after light exposure and as a result look less bright and appealing. Transparent beverages need to look natural while remaining bright and crystal clear. Cost is also a key driver.

Chr. Hansen’ solution

After years of research and testing in applications, Chr. Hansen offers a versatile and robust set of solutions as part of the COLORFRUIT® product range to cope specifically with the challenges of the beverage industry. These solutions offer a wide spectrum of appealing solutions to make soft and alcoholic drinks stand out on any sales shelf due to its transparent and beautiful shade. Chr. Hansen’s formulation superiority can make standard pigments such as anthocyanin, natural carotene, beta carotene, lutein, chlorophylls and others endure harder conditions while keeping its natural profile.

Why Chr. Hansen solutions?

  • Complete shade spectrum of transparent solutions
  • Formulation excellence and high brightness allow affordable cost-in-use for your soft drinks
  • Reliable supply chain to ensure your production process
  • EFSA, FDA, Codex and Chinese regulatory compliance.
  • Outstanding technical features for clear emulsion, bringing high robustness to ring.

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