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Changes in the color regulations in the GCC

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Market challenge

The consumer desire for naturally colored food has long been profound and regulators are responding to the trend by introducing new legislation on coloring materials and declarations.

Recently The Gulf Standard Organization decided to change the legislation on coloring materials for both natural and artificial colors. Thus artificial colors, such as tartrazine, sunset yellow, allura red and carmoisine, must include a label saying: “This product may have a negative effect on children's level of activity and ability to concentrate”. 

Chr. Hansen’s solution

Converting to natural colors means that food manufacturers are facing a new challenge. As a world leading supplier of natural colors Chr. Hansen has the expertise to help manufacturers meet these new demands with a natural solution.

We guide you securely through the conversion process using a robust range of naturally sourced solutions, our deep technical expertise and communication support, so that you can stay on top of the changes and protect your brand while going natural.

The benefits of our color solution

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