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CAPCOLORS® Orange the new generation

Unique new color solutions to refresh and revitalize your brands.

Market Challenge

It’s no wonder orange drinks are so popular. We associate them with nourishment, refreshment and pure enjoyment. Using natural colors adds to this image, however controlling the natural color in the final product can be challenging.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

Imagine bright, vivid shades that pop on the shelves. Next, imagine a trouble free natural color solution utilizing our patented encapsulated technology that prevents undesired challenges in the production. That’s CAPCOLORS® Orange.

Why CAPCOLORS® Orange?

  • It’s Chr. Hansen‘s patented encapsulated technology
  • The colors cover a large pallet of shade for all your citrus-flavored drinks
  • The dispersion capacity allows you to use a lower dosage
  • The colors are preservative Free (Sorbate & Benzoate free), non corrosive, stable towards heat treatment, homogenization and light exposure 
  • Our solution does not create neck rings, it has a natural sensory evaluation and a attractive and competitive cost-in-use
  • This CAPCOLORS® Orange will easily disperse in the application.

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