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CAPCOLORS® New generation

Orange is the new stable & affordable solution.

Market challenge 

Naturally colored orange-shaded drinks are frequently affected by physical effects such as neck ring and creaming, among others. What’s more, its added cost has traditionally been one of the main
constraints faced by customers.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

Imagine a less expensive solution capable of solving those issues based on formulation technology. Next, imagine a bright orange shade that captures the eyes of consumers. You are now thinking about CAPCOLORS® Orange.

Why CAPCOLORS® Orange?

  • CAPCOLORS® orange is the latest generation of Chr. Hansen’s encapsulated technology
  • CAPCOLORS® orange covers a large pallet of shades for all your citrus-flavored drinks
  • Its dispersion capacity allows you to use a lower dosage
  • This technology lets it easily disperse in the application while avoiding the common issues mentioned above

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