Breeding for better natural colors

Nature’s own custom materials

Expertise in agronomy and our traditional breeding programs are how we can improve plants to deliver coloring advantages. You benefit from:

non gmo

Selective breeding for positive qualities


Science for innovative development


Collaboration for better outcomes

Improvements rooted in nature

The breeding team is part of Chr. Hansen R&D. We develop new and refined raw materials through selective-breeding. And we validate “blue-sky” ideas, evaluate new discoveries and bring valuable innovations to market. 

We work closely with the crop scientists on our sourcing teams around the world: They monitor our new varieties “in action” in commercial fields. And we further improve them based on what they’ve learned.


We use age-old, natural methods to refine positive characteristics in fruits and vegetables.


The beauty of science

The breeding team collaborates with the plant-science community at institutes and universities internationally. We’re aware of the latest research with significance for product development. And we help foster scientific development. For example, we sponsor and guide graduate students, while benefiting from early insight into results. 


Thanks to our reputation as serious researchers, we can find and attract the best scientific and agronomic resources for partnerships. It’s part of our long-term commitment to developing innovative materials for coloring products.

breeding sprouts
red beet

Cultivating better outcomes

We develop best practices together with colleagues in sourcing and R&D, and with external partners. Together we apply techniques that increase yield and support high pigment content. The result is better crops and the best colors, juices and concentrates.

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