Natural Beta Carotene

Natural beta carotene from natural sources

Natural beta carotene - also commonly known as NBC - comes from Blakeslea Trispora, a fungus that has then been fermented. It consists of 98% beta carotene pigment. Natural beta carotene is labeled E160a in Europe. The shades range from bright yellow, through vivid orange to warm orange-red.

Natural beta carotene for all industry needs

Chr. Hansen’s natural beta carotene range comes in oil-soluble, water-soluble and water-dispersible forms, and as both powders and liquids. We also have low and high-strength products. Our natural beta carotene has good stability towards heat and light and works in low-pH media. 

Chr. Hansen’s natural carotene products are suitable for fat-based applications, fruit preparations, confectionery, ice cream, bakery, meat, prepared foods, juice drinks, soft drinks and powder beverage mixes. 

Natural beta carotene is an excellent alternative to artificial yellow, orange and red colors, as well as the natural-identical beta carotene produced by synthesis.

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