Natural colors for instant powder drinks in yellow, light orange, red and purple shades

I-COLORS® is our range of natural instant powder colors suitable for ‘instant beverages’, at attractive prices and widely accepted alternatives to branded sodas or plain water. The I-COLORS® shades range from yellow, light orange and orange-red to red and purple and can be used as building blocks to create the desired color. I-COLORS® offer excellent plating, no dephasing, and dissolve easily. They are excellent replacements for artificial yellows and reds.

I-COLORS®: instant colors, instant success.

I-COLORS® solve a number of challenges for the producers of instant beverages. They color all the components in the powder mix very well; they dissolve easily and create no color lumps or color migration; and they can be blended to achieve many different shades.

With their ability to withstand warm conditions and having a long shelf-life, instant beverages are especially popular in South America and Asia.

I-COLORS® are derived from natural sources.

Our I-COLORS® range consists of anthocyanins (purple and red shades), carotenes and annatto (yellow and orange shades) and curcumin (yellow shades) grown in Europe and Asia. We develop and produce I-COLORS® in France, USA and China.

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