FRUITMAX® by Chr. Hansen

FRUITMAX® - clean, simple and natural

Clean Label is a broad term for healthy, nutritious and minimally processed food. FRUITMAX® is our range of clean label colors.

Consumers are interested in deep product attributes beyond what can be put on packaging. Storytelling on digital platforms about using our clean label colors can build consumer trust and loyalty as well as revitalize your brand.

Our FRUITMAX® range is a full palette of vibrant colors from natural sources. Crafted with gentle, traditional production methods, FRUITMAX® colors can be clearly and simply labelled on a list of ingredients, for example as “fruit and vegetable concentrate for color” in the USA or as “sweet potato concentrate” in the EU.

FRUITMAX® products are a concentrated product whose composition is similar to the original fruit or vegetable they come from. They are generally compliant with the EU Coloring Foodstuff guidelines and are standardized to provide the same shade in every production batch.

Your color partner

We are experts in colors from natural sources. Whether you are converting from artificial colors or would like to use cleaner label colors in future development, we can help you develop processes to protect the natural pigments in your production and advise you on applicable legislation.

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