FRUITMAX® by Chr. Hansen

FRUITMAX® is a full palette of Coloring Foodstuffs covering all food & beverage applications.

Coloring Foodstuffs are food ingredients with coloring properties that may be added to food and beverages without declaring them as E-numbers. They are considered food ingredients and not additives, and they originate from fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices or other edible raw materials.

The shift to Coloring Foodstuffs…an E-number-free solution

The increased consumer awareness on product labels and additives has accelerated food manufacturers’ demand for Coloring Foodstuffs in their desire to ensure a product’s clean-label declaration. Internationally, new products are increasingly launched with Coloring Foodstuffs, as retailers and manufacturers acknowledge the potential they hold in terms of marketing value.

FRUITMAX® advantages:

  • A range of Coloring Foodstuffs that are considered ingredients, not additives
  • Enables E-number-free labeling. Chr. Hansen can provide you with guidance documents where we guide you on how to declare FRUITMAX®
  • Chr. Hansen complies with applicable legislation worldwide and monitors progress in proposed legislation in our markets. Going with us ensures you a strong regulatory partner
  • We will support you with inspiration on how FRUITMAX® adds value to your branding

Coloring Foodstuffs - support from development to labeling

Chr. Hansen is a leading supplier of Coloring Foodstuffs, and we are supporting the world’s biggest food manufacturers to convert to them. We can supply a wide range of Coloring Foodstuffs covering the full range of color shades. 

A successful conversion requires an in depth understanding of the properties of the product, and we have the expertise and resources to support you throughout this process.

As labeling is unique with FRUITMAX®, we will guide you on what to declare on the product label. Contact us and let us support you in the shift to coloring foodstuff.

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