Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in leaves, vegetables, grasses and all organisms capable of photosynthesis. Common sources of the pigment for coloring purposes include grasses, spinach and nettles. It is labeled E140 in Europe.

Wide range of chlorophyll colors

The chlorophyllin extract is both light and heat stable. Chr. Hansen's chlorophyll range includes water-soluble and oil-soluble liquids as well as powders. We have acid-stable products for low-pH media such as certain beverages. We also have encapsulated products for applications such as sugar-coated confectionery. We offer a complete range of different shades, from yellowish green to bluish green. To obtain an even wider range of green hues, we also offer blends of chlorophyll and different yellow pigments.

Chlorophyll for all industry needs

Chlorophyll is often used to color confectionery, ice cream, fruit preparations, dairy, beverages, bakery and prepared food. In many dairy and beverage products, for example, chlorophyll is used for kiwi, lime and mint flavors, often in combination with yellow. It is also a good choice for more savory directions, such as green pepper, guacamole and cucumber.
Chlorophyll is an excellent replacement for artificial yellows and blues.

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