Blue confectionary hard candy

Beautiful blue hard candy with spirulina

Market challenge

Spirulina is popular in confectionery products, as it is one of few blue colors available from natural sources. However, hard candy is a challenge for spirulina formulations as the tough processing conditions, for example, sudden exposure to the very hot candy mass, can degrade spirulina so it produces unwanted spots and or worse yet loses its ability to color.  

Chr. Hansen's solution

Meet FRUITMAX® Blue 1506 WS, a unique, spirulina-based, liquid formulation specifically designed for coloring hard candy blue (patent pending). Thanks to our formulation and application expertise, this new formulation is proven to be more robust and efficient in coloring hard candy compared to standard liquid spirulina products.


The benefits of FRUITMAX® Blue 1506 WS

  • Light to dark, bright blue shades in hard candy
  • Suitable for sugar-based and sugar-free hard candy/lozenges
  • Unique formulation specifically designed to improve performance compared to standard spirulina-based products in hard candy
  • Convenient, ready-to-use, liquid product for easy handling
  • Palm oil free and preservative free
  • Minimally processed / coloring foods.

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