Chr. Hansen enters first collaboration on production of a next generation probiotic from the Human Microbiome

Chr. Hansen enters first collaboration on production of a next generation probiotic from the Human Microbiome
Press Release | Jan 14. 2016 07:08 GMT

Bacteria that live in and on our bodies outnumber the number of human cells by 10 to 1. There is an increased awareness that these bacteria, called the microbiome, play a crucial role in human health and diseases. Numerous studies have highlighted the therapeutic potential of specific bacteria in preventing and treating metabolic, gastrointestinal and other diseases. Today, Chr. Hansen and Caelus Health announce their collaboration on the development of Eubacterium hallii as a next generation probiotic for prevention and treatment of metabolic disease.

Recent studies have demonstrated the involvement of the intestinal microbiota in insulin resistance. Caelus Health have identified and patented a single species, E. hallii, which through preclinical studies has proven to be capable of reducing insulin resistance, a primary symptom of type 2 diabetes. Caelus’ lead strain, CP-001, is a formulation of E. hallii and is currently in phase I clinical study.

The objective of the collaboration between Chr. Hansen and Caelus Health is to develop a CP-001 product formulation that will allow for progression to a phase II clinical trial and a subsequent market introduction. As part of this collaboration, Chr. Hansen will develop a production process and pilot material for clinical trials which Caelus Health will run to explore the use of Eubacterium hallii for prevention and treatment of metabolic disease

First of several projects within the Human Microbiome space

Johan van Hylckama Vlieg PhD, Senior Director, Microbiome, Chr. Hansen, says: “Chr. Hansen has unparalleled expertise in fermentation and food and pharma grade production of bacteria. The collaboration with Caelus is in full alignment with our strategy to become the partner of choice for companies wanting to develop new generations of probiotic products and therapeutic microbes. The agreement with Caelus is an important milestone as the first of several projects within the Human Microbiome space for Chr. Hansen”

Luc Sterkman MD, CEO, Caelus states: “We are very pleased to announce this cooperation and are confident that Chr. Hansen has all the expertise and capabilities to develop an advanced formulation of CP-001, which we will further study in upcoming phase 2 clinical studies. This E. hallii based product is the first of a series of Microbiome-based products, which Caelus plans to bring to the market.”

For more information please contact:

Chr. Hansen: Klara Halkjaer,
+45 53 39 23 62

Cealus Health: LGW Sterkman


Caelus Health is an Amsterdam-based biotech company. Caelus is dedicated to the commercialisation of functional food and pharmaceutical products for the prevention and early treatment of cardio-metabolic diseases. Based on the strong correlation between the intestinal microbiome and health, the company is developing an entirely new class of microbiota-based therapeutics for the reduction of insulin resistance and prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) in people with metabolic syndrome (MetS). The first product is now in clinical phase of development and is based on Eubacterium hallii. Life Sciences Fund Amsterdam (LSFA) is the founding investor.

Chr. Hansen is a leading, global bioscience company that develops natural solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. We develop and produce cultures, enzymes, probiotics and natural colors for a rich variety of foods, confectionery, beverages, dietary supplements, animal feed, and plant protection. Our product innovation is based on around 40,000 microbial strains – we like to refer to them as “good bacteria”. Our solutions enable food manufacturers to produce more with less – while also reducing the use of chemicals and other synthetic additives – which makes our products highly relevant in today’s world. Sustainability is an integral part of Chr. Hansen’s vision to improve food and health. In 2019 Chr. Hansen was ranked as the world’s most sustainable company by Corporate Knights thanks to our strong sustainability efforts and our many collaborative partnerships with our customers. We have been delivering value to our partners – and, ultimately, end consumers worldwide – for over 145 years. We are proud that more than one billion people consume products containing our natural ingredients every day. Chr. Hansen was founded in 1874 and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen.


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