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Women's microflora

We supply probiotics for women’s microflora – an important product area, aiming at supporting the natural balance of the urogenital area

The urogenital microbiota fluctuates during the monthly cycle and is characterized by an acidic environment and the presence of various lactobacilli. 

Common urogenital discomforts

A balanced female microbiota contributes to the wellbeing and quality of life of women. The delicate urogenital ecosystem may, however, be destabilized in different ways, causing various kinds of bother and discomfort. 

We offer:

We offer probiotics that may support and rebalance the vaginal microflora to avoid:

  • Disrupted vaginal microflora – imbalance of the bacteria in the vagina may lead to thin and watery, white or grey-colored, fishy-smelling discharge. In pregnant women this imbalance may result in preterm delivery. Another type of imbalance may occur when the vaginal balance of yeast and bacteria is disrupted, causing an overgrowth of yeast. Itching, soreness and, usually, odorless cottage cheese-like discharge are typical types of discomfort that may follow. 
  • Urinary tract disturbances – frequent urination as well as pain or burning during urination can be signs of harmful bacteria in the bladder. In some cases the urinary tract disturbances are recurrent.

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