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VINIFLORA® innovative products and applications

Thanks to our expertise in fermentation and microbial food cultures, Chr. Hansen holds a leading position with its VINIFLORA® range of premium products for winemakers.

VINIFLORA® products are exclusively made of natural, living organisms selected in vineyards, grape juice or wines in accordance with the International Office of Vines and Wines (OIV) rules and guidelines.

Three main categories of high-quality products are currently available for winemakers, cider producers and brewers:

  • Specialty yeasts to bio-protect grapes and must and kick-off alcoholic fermentation
  • Enological bacteria to manage malolactic fermentation and act as protective cultures against spoilage organisms in musts or wines
  • Nutrients for malolactic bacteria.

Our specialty yeasts and malolactic bacteria cultures are used worldwide, from large scale wineries to the smallest wineries, and our VINIFLORA® products are used in both iconic, scarce wines and to produce bulk wines. It is more a question of understanding and releasing the power of natural microbial solutions than a matter of winery size.

Our philosophy is to protect the good work done by viticulturists using natural solutions purposefully selected in order to make ourselves the invisible allies winemakers and consumers alike.

Fermentation is our expertise

All the knowledge generated by our focus on microorganisms and fermentation management benefits winemakers, wineries and consumers through:

  • Intelligent, highly innovative selection of specialty yeasts: the new frontier in alcoholic fermentation!

  • Unique enological bacteria, most having exclusive features

  • Superior nutrients for malolactic fermentation.

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