Betastar Quinolone

BetaStar® for Quinolones

A simple and fast one-step test for checking milk for residues of quinolones.

BetaStar® for Quinolones is a highly sensitive rapid test for quinolone antibiotics in commingled cow milk. 

Quinolones are antibiotics that are often used as a “fall back” option in hospitals for treatment of infections that have not responded to the first treatments. For this reason, it is absolutely important to keep quinolones out of the food chain to help ensuring that the amount of bacteria developing resistance to quinolones is kept at a minimum. 

BetaStar® for Quinolones is a one-step, five minute robust test, which can easily be used by dairies, farmers, truck drivers, milk receivers and milk-testing laboratories.

The results can be interpreted visually or by using an electronic reader.

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