Fried frankfurter sausages

Emulsified sausages

A fresh look at hotdog processing

Globally, the largest processed meat segment, emulsified sausages, encompass a huge variety of products. If you are looking for additional food safety in your slicing or packaging operation i.e., minimizing risks from cross-contamination during handling and slicing, and want to avoid chemicals, then we may have the solution for you

Our range includes cultures to enhance food safety or the opportunity to replace chemical nitrite:

  • SAFEPRO® B-LC-48 — for surface application of cold cuts to minimize the risk of Listeria monocytogenes growth.
  • BACTOFERM® Rubis — if you are looking for extended freshness and color stability of your sliced emulsified sausages—even if exposed to light in the supermarket.
  • BACTOFERM® CS-300 — This culture can provide nitrification if used with a vegetable powder that has a natural nitrate content.

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