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Quality cold cuts that stay safe and delcious

Handling, slicing and packaging of cooked meats represents a risk of cross-contamination, spoiled and potentially unsafe products. Actually, contamination of the raw material may also result in quality flaws and scrapping e.g., from pores or holes. Meat cultures can minimize the occurrence of these flaws as well as improve the safety of ready-to-eat cold cuts.

Use of meat cultures together with celery powder with a natural content of nitrate, can - during fermentation of the meat - provide nitrification. The label would read: “meat, celery and food cultures.”


Our range includes

  • SAFEPRO® B-LC-48 - for surface application of cold cuts to minimize the risk of Listeria monocytogenes growth
  • SAFEPRO® ImPorous - to reduce the risk of pore formations from spoilage bacteria
  • BACTOFERM® CS-300 - can help drive nitrification and color development
  • BACTOFERM® Rubis - if you are looking for extended freshness and color stability of your sliced product,  such as ham—even if exposed to light in the supermarket

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