Meat & fish

Introduction to our meat and fish cultures

Chr. Hansen was among the first companies to produce meat cultures, and today we are considered the world-leader in culture production and application. Through our long history in the meat industry, we have gained unique knowledge of the technologies used by our customers.

The success of Chr. Hansen’s meat starter cultures is based on the demand for uniform food products and a high level of food safety. Our cultures will eliminate the influence of the uncontrollable native flora and provide the requested food quality—from batch to batch. 

Our position as the leading supplier of culture solutions to the global meat industry is built on 

  • Thoroughly documented products with full traceability
  • Consistent performance
  • Technical support
  • Unrivaled supply chain

Working partnerships

Our technology back-up function is very often an important inspiration and support for our customers in development projects. And as a result of the close partnership, our ingredient solutions are most often also created in close cooperation with the customers' technical departments.

Strong focus on innovation and quality

Chr. Hansen offers the meat industry a large variety of microbial food cultures that improve the flavor, appearance, texture, and stability of the finished products. With our strong focus on innovation and quality, we are able to offer the processed meat industry a variety of cultures to improve the efficiency and creative development of consistent meat products.

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