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Keep it great with fermentation-enabled bioprotection

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A unique market challenge

As consumers, we have all opened the fridge to find food has gone bad, whether it is moldy sour cream, spoiled white cheese, or – even worse – unopened yogurt packages whose expiration dates have passed. While adding certain artificial ingredients to food can address some of these issues, they also present new problems. As consumers become more conscious of their health, more and more of them aim to avoid these kinds of additives in their food.

Younger consumers, in particular, are interested in aligning their purchases with their values. They are increasingly on the lookout for options that offer a transparent and traceable supply chain, reduced waste and a lighter carbon footprint. Producers who seek to meet these demands and differentiate their brands must continually innovate toward providing fresh, tasty and natural products free from unwanted artificial ingredients – all while offering the shelf life and sustainable supply chain consumers increasingly want to see and support.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

FRESHQ® food cultures are Chr. Hansen’s response to this shifting landscape and offer a real-food solution inspired by nature. The “good bacteria” in FRESHQ® cultures help to strengthen the bioprotective effects that traditional fermentation offers.

The newest generation of FRESHQ® and the strains that comprise it have been specially selected for their ability to help protect dairy products against spoilage caused by yeast and mold, even within challenging cold chain or production conditions. In combination with a proper hygiene and cold chain program, FRESHQ® can help to ensure optimal freshness in every product you make.


What can FRESHQ® do for you?

  • Make it sustainable
    Improve the carbon footprint of your product and contribute to a more sustainable food future by using FRESHQ® to help reduce food waste.

  • Extend shelf life
    FRESHQ® can help keep dairy products fresh for longer, giving you a competitive edge and helping you to become the preferred partner for retailers.

  • Stay fresh
    A lot can happen between the factory and the kitchen table. Use FRESHQ® cultures and fermentation to help make sure the product stays the way you made it – even after the product is opened.

  • Take control
    While it takes time and diligence to build a strong brand, everything can be compromised in one moment. Help take control of yeast and mold risks with FRESHQ® and reduce the number of potential quality complaints that arise.

  • Go natural
    Improving quality and consistency with FRESHQ® cultures and fermentation can help you satisfy market demand for healthier products made without artificial ingredients. 

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