Bowl of strawberry yogurt

Reduce sugar

Sweet dairy, with less sugar - almost like magic!

Create meaningful reduction of sugar and ensure delicious taste of dairy products with NOLA® Fit enzyme solutions.

NOLA® Fit solves the consumer dilemma: how to get tasty and healthy yogurt at the same time?

A yogurt a day keeps the doctor away - at least that is the healthy image that we would prefer to believe for dairy products. Unfortunately, the sugar levels in yogurts have reached levels where consumers compare yogurts to chocolate bars and candy! An average pot of yogurt contains 12% sugar, and many of them contain significantly more. This is a great cause for concern for consumers, health practitioners and ultimately, the producers of yogurt.

Yogurt producers are looking for ways to reduce sugar in yogurt, but it is a challenge. Most alternatives have drawbacks; for example, artificial sweeteners are perceived to be unhealthy, and more recent natural developments such as Stevia have issues with off-flavor.

Chr. Hansen introduces the new NOLA® Fit enzyme solution that creates natural sweetness with authentic flavor of dairy products with clean label.

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