Fruit fermented plant bases and nuts

Our products for fermented plant bases

The VEGA Culture Kit offers plant-based solutions in three categories that empower producers to “mix and match”, yielding the best possible outcomes for whatever kind of product they may be after

As we ramped up our research in the plant-based area, it became clear to us that giving producers the ability to apply cultures across the full gamut of plant bases would give them the flexibility and convenience they need to optimize their products and streamline their production processes.

Our VEGA Culture Kit is designed to make plant-based fermentation simple and intuitive, no matter what base – or bases – a producer may be using to create their vegurt products. The VEGA Culture Kit is comprised of eleven cultures that producers can “mix and match” to yield the exact results they are after. 

Cultures for plant bases

Taste and texture
Robust starters with flavor and texture options for clean-label products

  • VEGA Premium
  • VEGA Vibe
  • VEGA Harmony
  • VEGA Classic
  • VEGA Mild.

Plant-based cultures including the world’s most-researched probiotics

  • VEGA NU-TRISH® BB-12®*
  • VEGA NU-TRISH® L. CASEI 431®*.

Quality and sustainability

A culture that improves the bioprotective effect from fermentation and helps keep products fresh for longer

  • VEGA FRESHQ®  101*.


*Adjunct cultures should be used in combination with starter cultures. 

VEGA, BB-12®, LGG®, NU-TRISH® and FRESHQ® are trademarks of Chr. Hansen A/S


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