Fruit fermented plant bases and nuts

Insights and concepts for fermented plant bases

Plant-based alternatives to dairy are becoming more diverse – and more popular – every year

The global market for plant-based products is growing each year, as more traditional, dairy-based options are met with greater scrutiny due to their carbon footprints and increasing consumer emphasis on healthy eating.

While creators of fermented plant-based options – “vegurts”, as we call them at Chr. Hansen – have immense flexibility when it comes to their recipes and choice of plant bases, this freedom can come with increased complexity as the spectrum of seeds, legumes and nuts creates more variation in product outcomes.

As this niche category grows in markets around the world, consumers are increasingly in search of vegurt products that can evoke a dairy-like culinary experience. Products where taste and texture can keep pace with traditional dairy counterparts – while still giving them the vegan and natural options they demand. Pricing in the plant-based space reflects these shifting priorities, underscoring that consumers are willing to pay more than the price of dairy options for truly excellent products. For producers ready to invest in this space, these conditions represent a significant, exciting opportunity to establish their reputation as a market leader and differentiate their products within this space.


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