Fruit fermented plant bases and nuts

Creating value in the fermented plant bases market

All-natural culture solutions enable plant-based producers to differentiate their products and offer consumers the best

Within the fermented plant-based segment, yogurts (or “vegurts”’ as we refer to them) are the largest category. Market research has found that because the vegurt market is still in its early phases of growth, consumers have not yet identified – or committed to – favorite products that they plan to purchase regularly. This lack of brand loyalty illuminates the opportunities present for producers willing to invest in offering excellence and establishing a reputation among these consumers.

At Chr. Hansen, we have spent 145 years harnessing the power of nature to help producers create foods that are safe, fresh and delicious. With our VEGA Culture Kit, we are offering all-natural solutions for plant-based producers, whether they are leaders in this segment or just beginning their plant-based journey. Our goal is that by providing a culture kit that enables the “mixing and matching” of VEGA cultures depending on desired outcomes, we can empower producers to craft superior products across the gamut of plant bases and achieve results that rival traditional dairy counterparts.

In particular, the VEGA Culture Kit offers producers the following:


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