Fruit fermented plant bases and nuts

Fermented plant bases

Meet the consumer demand for tasty, healthy and sustainable plant-based options

At Chr. Hansen, we know that producers and consumers alike are interested in nutritious and sustainable consumption that supports a healthy and less impactful lifestyle. The plant-based dairy alternatives market is a reflection of this growing trend, where retail volume has experienced dramatic growth in the last five years.

Our Vega Culture Kit is a response to this shifting landscape, giving producers the cutting-edge tools to create plant-based alternatives to yogurts – or what we call ‘vegurts’. Vegurts that are delicious, healthy and able to compete with traditional counterparts when it comes to taste and texture. Partner with us to satisfy a growing segment of the market with options that delight their palates, support their health and reduce their impact on the environment.


The Vega Culture Kit offers natural solutions that target the main consumer drivers for plant-based yogurts



VEGA, BB-12®, LGG®, nu-trish® and FreshQ® are trademarks of Chr. Hansen A/S


The Vega Philosophy

The cultures in Vega have been created with a philosophy of keeping it simple for producers, while providing the flexibility to be creative. Our cultures are specifically designed to ferment robustly across a wide range of plant bases, so producers can focus on the features they want rather than manufacturing performance. 

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