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Fermented plant bases

Bring the mild, fresh taste and probiotic bacteria to your fermented plant base.

Do you want to embark on a new adventure in plant based yogurt? The demand for fermented plant bases has shown impressive growth in recent years. Consumers seek more probiotic enriched options, giving innovative producers the opportunity to strengthen the health profile of their products. 

Chr. Hansen’s culture range for fermented plant bases contains two of the best documented probiotic strains in the world available for fermented plant bases, NU-TRISH® LGG® DA probiotics and NU-TRISH® BB-12® DA probiotics. 

Building on our competencies in fermentation and our special cultures, we can ensure the mild and fresh taste of the fermented plant base, and we will continue to develop and launch relevant value proposition for fermented plant bases.

NU-TRISH® LGG® DA and NU-TRISH® BB-12® DA are registered trademarks of Chr. Hansen A/S.


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