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No compromises, just less salt

Launch a quality cheese to the health conscious consumers that is reduced up to 50% in salt. 

The SaltLite™ solution combines three uniquely performing ingredients with Chr. Hansen’s technical know-how of in-process salt and moisture control to reduce the salt content in cheese by up to 50%.

Visual explenation of SaltLite

Facts on salt and cheese

  • Cheese is the third largest contributor to salt (9%) within packaged food
  • Consumers sensitive to high salt intake or focused on the nutritional content are increasingly looking to improve their health through food - without compromising on taste
  • Daily salt consumption is up to 75% higher than recommended by the World Health Organization, contributing to high blood pressure (WHO recommends 5g salt/day)
  • Meet your customers’ demand for healthier food by reducing the salt content of your cheese with the SaltLite™ solution
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