Cheese plate

DVS® Ripening cultures

Create your own sensory signature

In today’s large market, customers are looking for a well-defined and consistent flavor, a pleasant texture and an appealing appearance. Always in keen competition, cheese manufacturers are constantly improving their process to get the best possible yield, and striving to differentiate their cheeses. 

Chr. Hansen makes it possible to design a reliable sensory signature by offering a wide range of DVS® ripening cultures with unique properties that facilitate the development of new cheeses with indulgent flavors and the opportunity to renew consumers’ interest in existing product lines by injecting new life into them.

Widening the DVS® palette of flavors

The DVS® CR Full Flavor cultures are designed to help branded cheeses to develop a natural, indulgent flavor without extra ripening time. They also improve taste and flavor in cheese with reduced fat or salt and in vegetable fat assortments as well as enable the restoration of traditional cheese features in vacuum-ripened techniques, or highly heated milk with added whey proteins. 

We offer a combination of cultures with sweet and savory trends: from fruity to buttery through bouillon and farmhouse passing by various shades of nuttiness. A wide palette of aromas can be generated in cheddar and continental type cheeses by the selected combinations of many bacteria species with various enzyme capabilities. 

Moreover, combining our cultures and enzymes enables you to play with the texture and boost flavor. Thus, a working partnership will permit a tailored solution to fit your - our customer’s - needs.

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