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Meet our young employees

Working for a meaningful cause in an international work environment with great role models and opportunities. This sums up the answers we got, when we asked our student workers what they love about working for Chr. Hansen.

Working for a meaningful cause

Chr. Hansen has a vision and mission of putting nature first and for me that's very empowering.
Katrin, Sustainability
You're working together for a purpose, which I think is really nice.
Eva, Corporate Communications
Being part of something bigger is a big win for me.
Bernhard, IT


An international work environment

I was very taken aback by the size of the company.
Bernhard, IT
It’s global, it's in 32 different countries.
Eva, Corporate Communication
There are a lot of global opportunities, which is important for me. That I get out and see the world, that's part of my job.
Søren, Finance

Young employees

Great role models

When you have so many people that are role models to you, you have the opportunity to learn much more. On my very first day the executive assistant introduced me to the CFO. Wow! Do I get to meet him? And what she said was: “Oh I'm sorry, the CEO is not in today, so you can't meet him.
Søren, Finance
Even though I am here as a student worker, I'm being treated just as important as if I was a full-time employee.
Julie, Marketing 
People are able to both be professional and also sociable and relaxed at the same time.
Bernhard, IT



I could definitely see my career going forward in Chr. Hansen.
Søren, Finance
I'd be very proud to continue working at Chr. Hansen.
Eva, Corporate Communication
I think a lot of people have a lot of opportunities at Chr. Hansen.
Humera, Innovation

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