Job interview

Recruitment A to Z

As a knowledge-based company our employees are our most valuable asset and we are always very careful to find the best possible candidate for any job at any level. Therefore, a thorough and professional recruitment process is very important to us. 

Who will you meet during the recruitment process?

Candidates will often not only meet the recruiting manager and an HR professional, but also the manager’s manager and 1 or 2 team members.

Are you applying for a job with us?

Please see below description of what to expect:

1. After submitting your application online you will receive a confirmation by email within 24 hours.

2. The applicants we invite for a 1st round interview will meet the recruiting manager and maybe some future colleagues.

3. Normally 2 or 3 candidates are selected for a 2nd round interview, where you will meet a HR Business Partner and the recruiting manager again. You might be asked to fill in an online personality assessment in advance of the interview and - in some instances - an additional test featuring numerical, logical and verbal skills. Occasionally a candidate can also be asked to prepare and present a case.

4.Before presenting a concrete job offer, we request references from former employers or academic peers and ask to see exam papers.

5. At the final stage, a job contract will be sent to the successful candidate.

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