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Weaned piglets

Weaning is a major event for pigs and has dramatic consequences. In modern production systems, it introduces behavioral stress through relocation and nutritional stress through a complete change in feed source and structure.

One of the main consequences is low feed-intake and a disturbance of the microbial balance in the gut, all leading to a depressed performance of piglets.

Our probiotics have been shown to support normal GI functions during weaning and under stressful conditions. The most robust indication is establishment of normal fecal consistency.


Research proven results include:

  • Stabilized gut microbiome and supports normal gut physiology
  • Improved ADG by 4% (medicated control) or 8% (non-medicated control)1
  • Established normal fecal consistency
  • Compatible with antibiotics

Note 1: Results may vary according to animal application and local farm conditions.

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