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Silage inoculants, Dairy

Ensiled forages account for the majority of most dairy rations around the world. The main purpose for feeding ensiled forages is to preserve and recover organic dry matter, while retaining nutritional value and palatability.

Proper or improved silage management can have a significant impact on the overall profitability of the dairy.

Our Silage specialists can help you analyze your bunker. With an infrared thermal-imaging camera we will create a silage audit report that includes a detailed visual analysis, as well as pH, temperature, density, fermentation profile and a thermal infrared photo of the silage face. Porosity samples are also collected across the bunker face and measured for density. With the help of this audit, Chr. Hansen can help good managers become great managers.

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Fermentation and aerobic stability of grass and grass-legume silages ensiled for 14 days

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