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Probiotic solutions, Dairy

Dairy calves, heifers and cows with a healthy digestive function utilize feed more efficiently, grow faster, deliver more milk per pound of feed, and are better able to withstand the physiological stress of development and dairy production.

Nutritionists will include probiotics and other feed additives in an animal’s ration for the following reasons:.

In Calves to:

  • Reduce the threat of harmful bacteria
  • Support development of the lower GI tract
  • Prepare the GI tract’s transition to dry feed

In Growing Heifers to:

  • Support the natural defenses against harmful bacteria
  • Support the proper function of the rumen
  • Enhance feed intake through healthy GI function
  • Improve average daily gain

In Adult Cows to:

  • Maintain stability of the GI tract
  • Maximize energy capture for feed efficiency
  • Increase efficiency of milk production
  • Reduce the presence of potentially pathogenic bacteria
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